If you are not able to make an appointment either by submitting an AccurRx request or, if you do not have internet access, by phone at 8.00 AM, you will be able to try again at 1.00 pm by telephone only.



Appointments can be booked online via our our online consultation (accuRx) service. It can also be accessed from the ‘Submit a new request’ button on the Home Page.

There is no need to ring to make sure your request has been received. All requests submitted this way are actioned each morning and you will receive a text either confirming that you have got an appointment, or, if all appointments have been filled for the day, that you will need to submit your request again the next day. A clinician will then call you at some point that day. We cannot give you a specific time at which you will be called. If the clinician feels that a face to face appointment is necessary to assist with your issue, they will give you a set appointment time at which to come in.

Appointment slots do fill up very quickly each day, so please submit your request as close to 8.00 AM as you can, as demand is very high. We no longer book appointments over the phone unless you do not have internet access, in which case a receptionist will take details of your issue for you and make an appointment for you, if there are slots still available.

If the matter is so urgent that you feel it cannot wait until the next day and all appointments have gone, please call the surgery and a receptionist will take details of your issue and pass your request to the Duty Doctor, who will decide whether it needs to be dealt with that day or whether you will need to submit a new request the next day as usual.

Additional appointments are available in the evenings and at weekends via Barnet Federation. They may not take place at Langstone Way Surgery, but at other surgeries in the area, but the clinician will have access to your notes. You can book these via our own Receptionists by ringing the surgery.